The vintage world of the 60’s and 70’s (our generation) holds many childhood memories for us. This was a period where being a kid was simple. All you needed was a windup toy, Tonka truck, Tootsie car or stick and ball and a sidewalk to play on. On rainy days we had our parents furniture, which now I understand why our parents would yell, “get that toy off the furniture, you’re going to scratch it”. As kids, we didn’t know who George Nelson, Jacobsen, Miller or Eames was. All we knew was that our Tonka trucks and Hot Wheels had a lot of curves to play with.

Fast-forward 30+ years later and we would come to really appreciate and understand why our parents were ever so cautious of their beautiful furniture pieces. We now too have a battle with our little three year old and one of our favorite pieces, a William Watting coffee table. So far, his Hot Wheels and trains are winning the battle. In the end, nothing makes us happier than to see his little face as he plays with his and some of our childhood toys, creating his own childhood memories.



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